Sequoyah County Partners with the Local Sheriff Department

Boys & Girls Club of Sequoyah County recently partnered with the local sheriff’s department to give their youth a glimpse into the life and duties of police officers! The Club’s youth involved in the Career Launch and Smart Moves programs coordinated the event and were able to have two deputies come to the Club to give a presentation to almost 40 Club members.

The presentation gave youth a chance to interact with the deputies, ask questions, and even participate in role playing activities. Staff at the event said that youth had many questions for the deputies and it was refreshing to hear how honest they were about the real pros and cons of their day-to-day job.

Overall, the youth’s favorite part of the deputies’ visit was the K-9 demonstration. They brought in two K-9s and hid training toys throughout the Club to simulate searches and even let the youth pet the dogs under their supervision.

The youth-coordinated event was not only a great success for the Club, but also for the sheriff’s department to showcase what they do for the community. Thank you Boys & Girls Club of Sequoyah County for providing a great example of engaging your local law enforcement in your Club programs!


Young Leaders in Training at the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii

At the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, members of the Torch Club Program had the exciting opportunity to set out on two special field trips aimed towards career development and culture!

Youth were taken to the Kauai Museum to first learn local history and culture, and then to the Kauai District Courthouse to learn about the range of careers and skills needed to work there. The museum tour had Club youth “travel through time,” as they learned about Kauai’s government hierarchy, and the social and political development of the islands. Upon arrival to the Kauai District Courthouse, Club youth received a personal tour around the premises, and learned of the history of the district court judges and founders. They also had the chance to meet and greet with courthouse security, tech support, tellers, and the librarian to learn what their positions and skill-sets entail.

With new advances in technology, youth learned that many courthouse hearings today are now digitally recorded, and those recordings need to be preserved and maintained. Courthouse staff explained that people with computer engineering skills are therefore very much needed today. Youth were also taught the significance of jury duty, and why it is a requirement for citizens to participate.

The field trips provided youth with practical and valuable insights into their local history, as well as the various career options available to them as they grow older. Thank you to Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii for providing their youth the opportunity to become responsible citizens in this fun and exciting way!


Boys & Girls Clubs of Cascade County Holds Annual Christmas Carnival

Sending off the year and ringing in the holidays can take on many forms, and for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cascade County this time of year is marked by their annual Christmas Carnival! The yearly carnival, led by Unit Director Nichole Hutchinson, is held at the Great Falls Clubhouse and invited everyone in the community to participate! Over 100 Club members, their families, and community members showed up for the event.

Over 25 booths were present, and included Community partners’ informational booths for parents, which also hosted mini games for kids, in addition to carnival games and events run by club staff and community volunteers. In addition to the plethora of booths, other holiday events were also involved; including a bounce house, holiday arts & crafts, make your own root beer float, and holiday cookie decorating! All youth in attendance were also fed a spaghetti dinner, a nice warm meal for the winter season.

Everyone knows a Christmas party isn’t complete without Santa! So of course he made an appearance during his busy schedule, and took pictures with the youth and their families, as well as handing out holiday gift bags! Unit Director Nichole Hutchinson says that the event is always a great way to cap off the year and set a positive tone going into the New Year. Way to go Boys & Girls Club of Cascade County and their holiday traditions!


Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley Hosts Fundraising Concert for Clubs in Puerto Rico

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley, Gila River Branch – Komatke recently turned their celebration concert into a fundraising opportunity for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico (BGCPR)! Since BGCPR was part of the devastation of Hurricane Maria, many organizations, including fellow Clubs such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley, mobilized to help them get back to their full capacity!

On October 20, 2017 the Hip Hop Hundred Hundred was hosted at the Club. The concert was organized as a celebration of the 200th birthday for Baha’u’llah of the Baha’i faith. Youth development director Emiliano Morondos said, “The concert itself was a joyful occasion. We wanted to perform and hangout as a community while using the time spent to raise funds for a worthy cause.” The Club used hip hop as a way to honor Baha’u’llah, Native Lands and those who came before.

The staff of Komatke Boys & Girls Club organized the event as a celebration and involved the youth from both their Keystone Club and their Torch Leadership Club by having them emcee and work concessions. Andrew Kisto served as one of the opening acts for the hip hop concert. Kisto is a major part of the Torch Leadership Club at Komatke Boys & Girls Club as well as a Gila River tribal member. The night was followed with performances by Roses: Soul Siam, Shining Soul, Colby Jeffers, Jose Maria Fierro, Kishan the Educator, and Deeh Jai who are all hip hop artists based in the Phoenix area.


Boys & Girls Club in Indian Country is still growing!

Last week, Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County hosted a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony at the Nespelem Boys & Girls Club. The Nespelem unit launched with a soft opening in June, and since then the Club has had 231 youth registered. Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County’s Chief Executive Officer Bill Tsoukalas thanked the Colville Business Council (CBC) for developing a relationship with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The Club is housed in the Nespelem Community Center, and has a computer lab, activity room, and an office. Since the soft opening it has already experienced great success, with an average daily attendance hovering around 60 youth during the summer and 20-30 afterschool. This location will be reaching an entire group of Native youth that had previously not been reached on the Colville Reservation, providing much needed programming to benefit the youth.

Congratulations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County and the whole community in Nespelem for starting this much needed program. It’s just one more community that will be enabling their youth to reach their potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

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