8 Steps to Setting Goals with Help from a Mentor

Setting goals, whether they are long or short term, is an important life skill that everyone should have the opportunity to learn. However, it can be confusing to know where to start when setting out to create reachable goals. Before we get to how we can create goals, let’s discuss exactly what we mean when we use the term “goal”.

A goal is a plan of action that can be written, specific, measurable, visualized, timely, and manageable. For our Club kids a goal can come in all “shapes and sizes”, so to speak. One member’s goal may be to attend school every day for one week while another’s could be to make the junior varsity lacrosse team next season. No matter how long it takes or what the goal centers around, they are all important. It is important for mentors to help their mentees set goals during time spent together.


Humor Me: Using Entertainment to Fight Poverty

Red noses aren’t just for clowns and birthday parties. While they still symbolize fun and entertainment, they are taking on bigger meaning worldwide this May with the Red Nose campaign lead by an organization known as Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day is a key component to a revolutionary campaign that was started by Comic Relief UK. Before the launch of Comic Relief UK in late 1985, there had not been a social movement that involved such high-profile celebrities and humor to bring awareness to the poverty that communities were experiencing.

Now fast forward to 2015. Red Nose Day and the campaign surrounding the event is taking the United States by storm. Companies such as Walgreen and M&Ms are partnering up to make big contributions to young people who are living in poverty.


BGCIC VISTA Speaks at Celebration in Washington, D.C.

On February 25, 2015 Stephanie Lefthand, member of the Boys & Girls Clubs in Indian Country AmeriCorps*VISTA Project, found herself at the Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C, where a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the VISTA program was taking place, preparing to give a speech. Stephanie was invited by the Corporation for National & Community Service to speak about her terms of service as a VISTA member, first with the Native Services Unit in Dallas, TX, and then with the Boys & Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe in Ignacio, CO.

What made it worth it for Stephanie to travel all of the way from Colorado to Washington D.C. just to deliver a 10 minute speech? It was an opportunity to share her personal experience about the importance of AmeriCorps in Indian Country and explain how her service as a VISTA member has been part of her journey “to see [her] culture and [her] community as the heroes of [her] story”. Stephanie did an incredible job representing the BGCIC VISTA project and Native communities everywhere. Watch the 10 minute video here. Way to go Stephanie!


Supporting Native Youth

Native youth today are facing unique challenges. While Boys & Girls Clubs of America has proudly partnered with Native communities and tribal leaders to serve American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian youth for over 20 years, we are ever striving to reach more Native youth on and off of reservations and to provide communities with assistance to help youth overcome any obstacles that they may face to living a healthy life.

Recently six staff members from BGCA headquarters in Atlanta traveled through Native lands around the country providing 16 Boys & Girls Clubs with training in nutrition education and in STEM programming. The six staff members, in turn, are using their newfound knowledge to train staff at Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) residential schools to leverage mobile devices to guide students through hands-on STEM projects as well as culturally relevant curriculums, visiting the BIE schools at least once a week. Ongoing support to implement these curriculums will result in an increased capacity for Boys & Girls Clubs to serve Native youth in the areas that are vital for any youth in order to grow into a healthy adult prepared for a great future.

As a result of the training provided to staff at these 16 Native Clubs on nutrition education programming more Native youth are now participating in BGCA's outcome-driven program Healthy Habits. Youth learn basic cooking techniques, how to shop for affordable healthy groceries, and how to utilize community resources like traditional foods to make healthy meals for themselves and their families. The focus on nutrition education and healthy habits empowers Clubs to equip Native youth with the skills and information they need to work around the obstacles and resource constraints, which in many needy communities, limit access youth and families’ access to fresh and nutrition food.


March 22-28th Named North Dakota Boys & Girls Club Week

Governor Jack Dalrymple has issued a proclamation naming March 22-28, 2015 as Boys & Girls Club week
in North Dakota! Citing Boys & Girls Clubs’ measured successes in high school retention, cultural exchange and preservation,
suicide prevention, and more, the Governor has encouraged North Dakotans to recognize the State’s Boys & Girls Club
organizations for providing comprehensive and effective services to their young people.

North Dakota is home to over 20 Boys & Girls Club units including seven Native Club sites managed by the Boys & Girls Clubs
of the Three Affiliated Tribes.