Summer Slide Prevention Tips

With summer right around the corner, it is easy to want to put thoughts of academics to the side. It then becomes increasingly difficult to maintain education and physical activity levels because there is no longer a set program to follow. This summer, Clubs and families can improve child well-being by encouraging reading and physical activity!

Summer slide tells us that reading skills in our youth decrease over the summer months. In order to prevent this, try taking youth to the library, letting them choose their own books, and encouraging them to bring books along on road trips and vacations!

Did you know that 62% of children really enjoy reading and say that it is a fun way to pass the time? The more youth are presented with the opportunity to read, the more they can explore their enjoyment of it. Along with the slide in academic skills, physical activity can decrease over the summer as well. This can be prevented with simple structured summer programming which can prevent unhealthy wellness practices in youth. The opportunity that youth have to participate in the Club over the summer can significantly help in the prevention of physical activity loss.

More information on summer slide prevention can be found here!