Help Wanted: Engaging Summer Help Across Generations

Do you want to recruit local teens or retired professionals? If your answer is teens, then you aren’t going to rely on an ad in the local newspaper to bring in your summer help. However, that could be a great way to catch the eye of older folks in the community! Knowing who is available to come either be a part-time staff member or volunteer can shape your recruitment strategy. Social media, local news outlets, and radio are great ways to let the community know your hiring. Just be aware that not all generations are in touch with each medium.

Word of mouth can also be an effective recruiting strategy in smaller communities — if the word being spread is positive. Time and resources may be tight but have a staff and volunteer only event if possible. Celebrate success. Share a delicious meal. Also, decide on long and short-term goals collectively, do an anonymous needs assessment survey, and incorporate teambuilding experiences. Praise from current staff and volunteers about management can attract candidates just as negative words can steer them away.

Additionally, make it easy to apply! If your application is ten pages long or appears disorganized, people might not be running to your door to submit their name as a possible summer employee. Review your application, whether it is digital or paper, to check that each question has a purpose and is asking for a specific answer.

The truth is there is not one strategy for recruiting help that will work for every organization in every community. There are many circumstances that influence an effective recruitment strategy. However, this short collection of tips could be adapted into your Club for successful summer recruitment.