Sharing Laughs and Spreading Hope with Red Noses

A few years ago, the Red Nose Day Initiative was featured on our Home Page with no idea how the movement would eventually help share the stories of Native Boys & Girls Clubs. Well, it is now 2017 and red noses are still not only for clowns and birthday parties. While they symbolize fun and entertainment, they continue to take on a bigger meaning worldwide through the Red Nose Day campaign lead by an organization known as Comic Relief.

The Red Nose Day Campaign wants to bring awareness to the fact that over 1 billion kids live in poverty, and through awareness, relief to the youth living without every day necessities. Each year the Campaign donates to non-profit organizations to help further their impact. In 2015 and 2016, proceeds from Red Nose Day were used to build capacity and support increases in average daily attendance in Native Clubs.

Before the iconic red noses hit stores and celebrities take the stage for the Red Nose Day Special on NBC, the Campaign wants to challenge youth to get involved to inspire others. Youth have the unique power to motivate others to take action in their own communities for real impact. The Red Nose Day Challenge invites school aged youth to take a pledge and make a video about why it is important to help end poverty for children and how they plan to make a difference. This is a great opportunity for Boys & Girls Clubs, in collaboration with their local school, to showcase their passion for making futures bright.

With the momentum of the Red Nose Day growing greater with each year, it is a great time to get involved if your community has not already!