Move, Move, Move: Keeping Activity during Winter Months

Winter is not quite over yet, and for many of us spending an extended period of time outside is not an option. Needless to say, our Club kids have a lot of energy to burn. What can we do to get moving them moving with limited indoor space? The Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Sean Brock, National Physical Activity/Education Advisor, created a list of strategies to keep kids moving even when temperatures drop below freezing. We added a few details along the way to keep these tips adaptable to your Club!

Here are key points to keep your Club kids active:

Be creative… with your equipment. Fancy equipment is not needed to keep your Club kids active. Search YouTube to find new yoga moves for kids or use objects you have around the Club to make a new game. Creating new games will not only promote activity, but also encourage recycling!

Be creative… with space! You don’t have to have a gymnasium to keep activities going when the weather is dampening your plans. Use hallways or classrooms to set up relays and obstacle courses.

Be creative… with movement. There are times when you are in the middle of a program’s lesson and the kids are everywhere else except in the present and engaged. Take a “brain break”, turn up their favorite (appropriate) tune, and start dancing. Don’t let low participation in this dance break discourage you. Keep grooving and you will soon see more kids grow the confidence to jump in on the fun.

Find Brock’s article here to read more about keeping physical activity integrated into your Club when the “winter blues” try to set in!