CNCS Takes Lead in Recognizing Tribal Leaders

Recognition is a vital process to incorporate into our daily, monthly, and annual routines. It helps partnerships grow and flourish so that good work will continue throughout our communities. The Corporation of National and Community Service (CNCS) has created a special day to recognize and celebrate the hard work Tribal leaders, board chairs, and officials put forth to help our communities.

Known as “Recognition Day for National Service”, this day is designed to spotlight the impact of national service and thank those who serve. Tribal leaders, county board chairs, mayors, and county officials are all recognized for their service during this annual celebration. According to CNCS, 2,786 officials representing more than 150 million citizens participated in the 3rd annual Recognition Day in April 2015.

Recognition Day 2016

This year, on April 5, 2016, Tribal leaders, mayors, and county officials will participate by holding public events and highlighting the value of national service to communities across the country through available media outlets. Tribal governments have a broad range of responsibilities that includes strengthening communities and fostering civic engagement; these responsibilities mirror those of the CNCS. This coordinated day of recognition presents a unique opportunity to spotlight the key role that national service plays in solving local problems and challenges. CNCS encourages participation in Recognition Day to highlight the impact of citizen service, support national service groups and inspire residents to serve their communities.

Ways to Participate

CNCS recommends the following ways to participate in Recognition for National Service Day:

  • Announce that your Tribe or a local business is becoming an Employer of National Service, (
  • Issue a proclamation naming April 5th as Recognition Day for National Service,
  • Invite national service programs to a public roundtable to discuss how they address local challenges,
  • Issue a press release or report on the scope and impact of national service in your tribe or community,
  • Serve with a national service program as a “member” for a day to highlight their important work,
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to thank national service members in your community,
  • Write an op-ed about the unique contributions of national service to your tribe or community,
  • Take a group photo with all national service members in your community
Resources for Officials
  • Tribal Leader Recognition Day Toolkit
  • Through Operation AmeriCorps, CNCS is partnering with Tribes and local governments to engage AmeriCorps members as the transformative catalyst to address a pressing problem.
  • Employers of National Service builds a talent pipeline to connect AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni with leading employers from all sectors to create recruitment, hiring, and advancement opportunities. Through Employers of National Service, local governments have access to a dedicated, highly qualified, and mission-oriented pool of potential employees.
  • Each year, CNCS produces National Service Profiles that list all national service resources in every state. CNCS will also produce profiles for cities in preparation for the Recognition for National Service Day.