Bison is the New Beef

As people search to enhance their nutrition and improve their well-being, KivaSun Foods, a Native owned company, launched a line of antibiotic-free, no hormone added, bison jerky. Bison is one of the leanest proteins on the market and it is growing in popularity as part of a wider trend toward humanely-raised and organic foods, a small but expanding part of the food industry. Aside from the health benefits (bison is higher in protein and lower in fat than beef, pork, and chicken and is an excellent source of iron, zinc and important B vitamins like B12 and niacin), demand for a healthy alternative for meat signals a rejection of factory-farming methods that account for most protein eaten in the United States.

KivaSun Foods founder Notah Begay III, who is one-half Navajo, one-quarter San Felipe and one-quarter Isleta, is thrilled to bring bison jerky to the market.

“Native Americans have existed on bison for centuries and now everyone – from children to athletes – can experience this amazing product. The Native American heritage of KivaSun Foods is woven throughout every aspect of our company – from the company name to the development of our products, making KivaSun a truly authentic brand,” explained Begay during an interview with Native News Online staff.

KivaSun Foods started in 2010 as a wholesaler of fresh and frozen bison steaks, bison burgers, bison dogs, and bison chili to major retailers including Costco and Wal-Mart. When consumers continued to demand healthy and innovative snack items, KivaSun saw an opportunity to introduce an antibiotic-free and no hormone added bison jerky that is portable and tastes great.

Proceeds of jerky sales will support the NB3 Foundation, a federally recognized non-profit founded by Begay to battle obesity and Type 2 diabetes in Native American youth. NB3 has been and continues to be a great supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs in Indian Country!

Competitively priced, KivaSun bison jerky is available to buy online at!