Build Culturally Competent Mentoring Programs with Help from MENTOR

Cultural competence is an important topic related to mentoring! MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership hosted a webinar event entitled Cultural and Class Conflict in Mentoring Matches: Strategies for Building the Culturally Competent Mentoring Organization and Professional to help give Clubs new strategies to build competence around culture!

The Cultural and Class Conflict in Mentoring Matches webinar provided many strategies worth exploring, and discussed the idea that “different isn’t [a] deficient; it’s just different!” The sometimes uncomfortable subject of challenges around race, class, and culture was broken down into easy-to-understand, thoughtful sections with take-away ideas that can easily be integrated into Club mentoring programs everywhere!

Take a look at these five key strategies to see what could work best in your Club!

  1. Build an adequate culture of inclusiveness. Learn about mentees’ basic beliefs and build cultural competence within your organization based on the basic understanding that youth have.

  2. Create a solid pre-match training that begins the discourse of culturally relative information and recommendations. Dispel myths around poverty and teach mentors about power, privilege, and negative actions that result from stereotypes.

  3. Train mentors to understand and recognize their prejudices and bias during the mentoring relationship. Often what emerges as culturally insensitive behavior or practice reveals the underlying core values, interpretations, and pressures – both conscious and unconscious - that impact a person or organization.

  4. Support mentors throughout the match to counter the challenges in the mentoring process that surround cross-cultural issues.

  5. Create collaborations between local and national entities to facilitate regular, ongoing training opportunities.

To view the webinar in its entirety and access diversity discussion starters, sample activities, and presentation slides to help implement the strategies suggested, visit MENTOR today!

This event was a part of the Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series provided in partnership with The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Each month, MENTOR and its partners deliver a webinar focused on strengthening mentoring practice, sharing new resources, and helping the field put research into practice. All webinars are archived and may be viewed at any time after their original view date.