Calling all Members of Healthy Programs!

So, the Healthy Kids Challenge (HKC) has a special challenge for you. Yes, you! They want you to share your most AWE-some nutrition lesson or project! The HKC believes that kids learn about healthy lifestyles best through activities that are…

Appealing and fun.
Welcome and inviting.
Easy and Simple.

We here at BGCIC tend to agree. And we know that our Native Clubs run AWE-some activities every day.
This challenge is a chance for you to showcase that work.

The Challenge

So here’s the scoop: the HKC wants you to submit either a lesson plan or a project idea for the Nutrition Ed Tool Box Challenge. It can be an activity you have used before with your Club kids or one that you have developed to use that has science-based nutrition content. Your activity should incorporate ideas and information from evidence-based resources such as MyPlate or USDA Nutrition content or guidelines. Submitting is easy.

Just type up your ideas and enter them online with the HKC before December 15, 2014.

Why We Like This

The Nutrition Ed Tool Box Challenge is a chance for Native Clubs to highlight the healthy programming that is taking place across Indian Country. By highlighting your AWE-some activities, you are inspiring other Native Clubs and educators working with youth to use their creativity. We love when Clubs get the chance to showcase to others their amazing talents of making health and nutrition fun for Native kids!

The Bonus

Get this! Everyone that participates will get one free electronic copy of either the Healthy Kids Challenge Taste and Learn Recipes or Parent Tips that can be shared around your Club.

Now what are you waiting for?

Share your ideas to not only help others implement healthy activities into their programs but to also build your own toolbox of nutrition based lesson plans and projects!