Bringing Healthy Foods Together with Native Culture for Food Day 2014

Do your Club kids look forward to snack and meal time at your organization? As a program leader, are you trying to juggle healthy eating and preparing traditional foods? When national Food Day came across our radar, we thought this was a great opportunity for Clubs to infuse healthy eating with Native cultures and traditions!

Now, what is Food Day? We had the same question. Briefly, Food Day, celebrated on October 24, is an event that communities, schools, and organizations take part in around the country each year. The purpose of this nationwide celebration is to start a movement towards healthy, affordable, accessible, and sustainable food for all.

In other words, it is a day that we can spread the word that healthy foods are not always easily accessible or affordable. As some of you know, a trip to the grocery store may not be a quick trip down the block. Because going to the store to buy fresh fruits and vegetables can be a chore, more and more families are sticking with what is most convenient, which is pre-packaged and frozen. And what is convenient isn’t teaching kids in the community how to make food that is good for their growing bodies.

So, why not help spread awareness about these struggles? The Food Day 2014 event does not have any lengthy applications or a report that you have to complete for it to count. Simply, hold an event with your Club kids. Invite community members if you want. Maybe your organization could do a healthy cooking demonstration. Or maybe you could just introduce a new healthy treat into your snack or evening meal served at your Club. Be sure to check out what the day of celebration is all about here for more ideas and even let others know that you plan to partake in an event on the Food Day event map.

We did some research and found a few healthy recipes for foods that use traditional ingredients. We thought we would share them with you to help kick start your event. If you already have your favorite traditional recipes, let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can share your knowledge with others! Alright, we will leave you with these recipes and time to brainstorm on how your Club is going to represent Boys & Girls Clubs in Indian Country on October 24, for Food Day 2014!