Athlete to Artist, Snowboarder to Traditional Weaver

A lot of times we isolate a person in how we describe them. That person is an athlete while another is an artist or intellectual. Who says you can’t have two of those titles, or even three? Former professional snowboarder Meghann O’Brien joined the Institute of American Indian Arts’ Artist-in-Residence program for a month long art residency. O’Brien is not only a snowboarder but also a traditional weaver. She uses materials from the Earth to create art that is reminiscent of her ancestors.

O’Brien told Indian Country Today, “the concept [of weaving] is not too different from when a trained athlete exerts themselves to become one with and part of the environment.” However, the wind, snow, and moisture are a part of her energy as a snowboarder.

Read the entire article from Indian Country Today about O’Brien here. You never know. This article could inspire one of your Club kids to branch out and try something new!

Photo credit: Alex Jacobs for Indian Country Today