Bronson Koenig: Leader On and Off the Court

It takes one moment of opportunity, not to mention hard work and dedication, to begin achieving your lifelong dreams. Just ask University of Wisconsin point guard Bronson Koenig. Koenig, who is a member of the Ho- Chunk Nation, earned the chance to show his skills as a leader on the basketball court following an unfortunate injury of a teammate.

After the Badgers’ starting point guard suffered a broken foot, the team looked to sophomore Koenig to fill the leadership role that was suddenly missing. He has since lead the team to multiple wins, which has helped the Wisconsin Badgers stay at the top of the Big 10 conference. With only a handful of losses this season, Koenig and the Badgers’ men basketball team are hoping for a conference title as well as a bid to the ultimate NCAA March Madness tournament that is held annually.

The court isn’t the only place that Koenig has excelled. He has used the opportunity to learn more about his heritage and speak to youth about the importance of physical activity and education. Since his time at the University of Wisconsin, Koenig has taken classes that have not only taught him more about Native culture but has tested how much he already knew.

Koenig has taken his knowledge and the new found spotlight as a chance to be a role model for Native youth. While he receives more requests than he can respond to, he speaks to groups when possible. He finds that it is important for youth to know the importance of good health and hard work in the classroom.

With the regular season winding down, Koenig and his fellow teammates hope that they will earn great success in the tournament this March. Though, no matter what the outcome of the basketball season may be, Koenig will continue to work to be a role model for youth across the country.