America’s Promise Alliance’s Healthy School Fund

Every young person deserves a foundation of health to be able to grow and thrive. Yet good health is out of reach for many young people. That’s why America’s Promise Alliance seeks to bolster health at one of the most critical intersections of youth and their communities: school. America’s Promise Alliance believes that when communities have healthy schools, young people will experience greater health, achieve better academic outcomes, and in turn, positively impact the entire community. By increasing the number of healthy schools, communities can create the conditions for every child to have a healthy, successful life.

America’s Promise is leading this effort as part of the Together for Healthy and Successful Schools initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The initiative is a collective effort to better understand the dynamics in diverse schools and communities that foster or stand in the way of creating healthier school environments. As a part of this initiative, America’s Promise seeks to activate and align existing and new stakeholders at both the local and national levels to build demand for healthy schools.

The America's Promise Healthy Schools Fund will support communities working to create healthier school environments for all children. Recognizing that school-centered health intersects with many areas outside of education—housing, employment, transportation, and food access— as well as many audiences, efforts should serve as a hub for cross-sector collaboration, youth and community engagement, and broader policy and systemic change.

Amount: Up to $150,000 per year for two years (max of $300,000).
Deadline: January 22, 2018.

For more information on America's Promise Healthy Schools Fund and to apply, click here!

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