The Reiman Foundation

The Reiman Foundation provides philanthropic support to a number of organizations that share and embody this mission to support the dedication, imagination and courage of many worthy organizations, particularly those involved in education, health care, the arts and children’s initiatives.

Giving is focused in four main areas: Health Care, Education, the Arts, and Children. Submit a proposal that includes the following information on your Club’s letterhead:

  • The date of your application
  • Brief description of project requesting funds
  • Why a grant from the Reiman Foundation is needed
  • Documentation of tax-exempt status
  • Brief overview of your agency (include the population you serve and your focus)
  • Contact person’s name and information
  • Amount of funds being requested (if possible attach a “Wish List” with specific needs and the dollar amount associated with those needs)

Click here for more application information about the grant! 

Deadline: Ongoing
Amount: Unspecified