The Harry Chapin Foundation

The Harry Chapin Foundation, founded in 1981, has one mission: to make a positive difference in communities across the country. They support non-profit organizations who continually make a difference in the lives of individuals. The Foundation supports organizations with the following:

  1. Community Education Programs that identify community needs and mobilizes resources to meet them while fostering social and economic justice.

  2. Arts in Education Programs and other approaches to educating young people through creative mediums.

  3. Environmental Programs that promote a safe and sustainable environment.

Applications are a brief written proposal to the Foundation’s Executive Director, Leslie Ramme. A complete proposal includes:

  • History of your organization (it is strongly recommended that the organization or program be in existence for at least one year);
  • Program Statement – the problem you are attempting to address;
  • Objectives – the goals of your program;
  • Method – your plan to reach the objectives;
  • Evaluation – how will you know how effectively you have addressed the problems presented in the program statement;
  • Future funding – describe how the program will be funded in the future if it is successful;
  • Tax Exempt Status – grants are only made to 501 (c)(3) organization. A copy of this determination must be included with your application;
  • Budget – a budget for the program requiring funding. If this is part of a larger organization, then a budget for the entire organization will need to be included. Certified audit of the financial statements will need to be submitted if your organization revenues exceed $150,000.

Visit the Harry Chapin Foundation’s Focus and Guidelines resource to learn more about this opportunity, including how to apply.

Deadline: Ongoing
Amount: Up to $10,000

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