Take Action to Preserve the Earth

On Friday, April 22, people in more than 192 countries around the world will celebrate Earth Day, an annual demonstration of support for environmental protection. As trees leaf out and spring sweeps across the nation, momentum leading up to this event will bring a conservation focus to activities in homes, schools, Clubs, and communities.

In the U.S., Earth Day has been a nationally-recognized holiday since 1970, but celebrating the Earth and the often precarious balance of its biodiversity is a long-standing tradition. Each Native culture has its own unique spirituality in connection with honoring Mother Earth and the interdependence of all living things.

In keeping with these traditions, Native Clubs hold one of the essential keys to a safe and bountiful environment of the future: Club youth. Building on cultural traditions, helping youth explore and discover the natural environment around them, and fostering their leadership are critical steps that will steward not only the planet, but also the human community on which we will all depend to protect our planet for the future. Nurturing these youth and their healthy development is a critical part of nurturing the Earth itself.

If you are looking for ways to incorporate Earth Day and environmental stewardship into your Club programs this month, consider some of these resources:

  • Earth Day Network’s Earth Day Action Toolkit: The Earth Day Network acts as a coordination organization for Earth Day across the globe. This year’s Earth Day theme is Trees for the Earth, and their Action Toolkit can help you prepare to mobilize your Club and community to plant your share of 7.8 billion trees before 2020!

  • Join Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green: With your Club youth, select a particular action they want to take for the month of April, or the whole year. You can pledge your commitment online and learn about what others are doing to protect the planet, too.

  • 16 Activities for Earth Day: Scholastic has shared some of their teachers’ most successful Earth Day activities from 2015. Take a look and get inspired!

This month, we will share opportunities that can help your Club celebrate the Earth and inspire your youth to get involved in conservation. Through their connection to you, their Club community and peers, and the Earth, we can encourage them to grow up healthy and strong and to continue preserving the planet for those who come after them.

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