PeaceJam Partners with Boys & Girls Club to Build Good Citizens

Colorado is the home for PeaceJam, a youth leadership program that encourages and motivates youth to work towards common goals. Participating Club members from the Boys & Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe (BGC SUIT) work on a variety of projects for the community of Ignacio, CO. The PeaceJam group worked on a Keep Tobacco Sacred project with the Lasso Tobacco Coalition to teach Club members about keeping tobacco sacred and the harmfulness of second-hand smoke. This project lead to the production of a film, called Keeping it Sacred, which was been shown three times during the 2012. Youth involved in the production were interviewed by the audience. This was a very inspirational activity for the youth and brought more public awareness to the Club.


Construction Update: Boys & Girls Club of Moody County

Next month, the Boys & Girls Club of Moody County will break ground on their new standalone facility to house their 200 members. This comes after floating between five different locations over five years. The 12,000 square foot building will be funded by a $2 million capital campaign and a $2 million endowment to ensure sustainability. To date, 63% of capital costs and 28% of endowment costs have been raised. 

Help the Club reach its goal, by visiting Congratulations, Boys & Girls Club of Moody County! 

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