Sequoyah County Partners with the Local Sheriff Department

Boys & Girls Club of Sequoyah County recently partnered with the local sheriff’s department to give their youth a glimpse into the life and duties of police officers! The Club’s youth involved in the Career Launch and Smart Moves programs coordinated the event and were able to have two deputies come to the Club to give a presentation to almost 40 Club members.

The presentation gave youth a chance to interact with the deputies, ask questions, and even participate in role playing activities. Staff at the event said that youth had many questions for the deputies and it was refreshing to hear how honest they were about the real pros and cons of their day-to-day job.

Overall, the youth’s favorite part of the deputies’ visit was the K-9 demonstration. They brought in two K-9s and hid training toys throughout the Club to simulate searches and even let the youth pet the dogs under their supervision.

The youth-coordinated event was not only a great success for the Club, but also for the sheriff’s department to showcase what they do for the community. Thank you Boys & Girls Club of Sequoyah County for providing a great example of engaging your local law enforcement in your Club programs!