Young Leaders in Training at the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii

At the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, members of the Torch Club Program had the exciting opportunity to set out on two special field trips aimed towards career development and culture!

Youth were taken to the Kauai Museum to first learn local history and culture, and then to the Kauai District Courthouse to learn about the range of careers and skills needed to work there. The museum tour had Club youth “travel through time,” as they learned about Kauai’s government hierarchy, and the social and political development of the islands. Upon arrival to the Kauai District Courthouse, Club youth received a personal tour around the premises, and learned of the history of the district court judges and founders. They also had the chance to meet and greet with courthouse security, tech support, tellers, and the librarian to learn what their positions and skill-sets entail.

With new advances in technology, youth learned that many courthouse hearings today are now digitally recorded, and those recordings need to be preserved and maintained. Courthouse staff explained that people with computer engineering skills are therefore very much needed today. Youth were also taught the significance of jury duty, and why it is a requirement for citizens to participate.

The field trips provided youth with practical and valuable insights into their local history, as well as the various career options available to them as they grow older. Thank you to Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii for providing their youth the opportunity to become responsible citizens in this fun and exciting way!