Ohana Mo'olelo Night at Nanakuli

Open houses are a great way to expose a Club and interact with the community at large. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Hawaii knows how useful open houses are, and wanted to embrace these helpful events yet at the same time not neglect opportunities for current members. Club Director Claudia Fernandez decided to integrate club participation into open house style events by creating themed Family Nights! Claudia and her staff plan these nights four times a year, and are marked by different themes such as the most recent Ohana Mo'olelo Night that was held at the Nanakuli Clubhouse.

This is one of the few Family Nights to be culturally themed, which Claudia says comes at a time that is more necessary than ever for youth to know who they are and their cultural roots. Activities at the event included a cultural story time, where Club staff retold tales of Hawaiian demigods such as Maui and the history of the island nation, as well as arts & crafts of traditional Native styling. Only one thing could make the night better….food! Luckily, the night also entailed a potluck dinner where families of Club members brought dishes to reflect their heritage. Club community partners such as the University of Hawaii participated as well, surveying parents about the programs and events of the Club to provide constructive feedback to Club staff.

The event ended on a high note with another Club partner, Lili’uokalalani Trust, donating backpacks to all youth in attendance for back-to-school well wishes. Overall the event was a huge success, with over 60 people in attendance, and Club Director Claudia already planning to for the next one right around the corner. Way to go Boys & Girls Clubs of Hawaii!