Bay Mills Youth Learn about Ecosystems

This summer, The Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills partnered with Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) to conduct a program for their youth known as “Science Camp.” Science Camp is a week-long activity in which youth in 4th – 7th grade participate in a variety of unique and exciting activities that include:

  • Native traditions, plants & medicines
  • Traditional Harvesting of Fish
  • Forensic Science Studies
  • Aquatics research: Learning about aquatic ecosystems within the Great Lakes Region
  • Health & Fitness Science
  • Nutrition
  • Farming

According to Bay Mills staff, one of the most popular activities is the aquatics research on ecosystems. For this activity, the Bay Mills Biology Department takes youth on a trip to a local stream located near the Pendills Creek Fish Hatchery, where they are taught how to properly examine, measure, and log information on fish. Participants learned that if you catch a fish, you can look up the species on your state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website to see if it is a tagged species. If it is, the head of the fish can be brought to any DNR office for research. The youth also learned how to recognize plants and different aquatic bugs.

Biologists facilitating the activity also explained the importance of protecting the stream’s ecosystem by caring and being respectful of the surrounding habitat. The youth were surprised to how much the ecosystem can be affected by simply pushing in the banks of the stream, because they provide shelter and food for various species.

An important lesson learned by all who participated is to have respect for the environment you are in because of the life and species that thrive there. Ceara LeBlanc, a Science Camp participant, said, “I didn’t realize how much work the biologists do here. They do a lot more than just study fish. They are doing a lot to help and protect our environment. I had a lot of fun and think I would like to be a biologist.”

Stephanie LeBlanc, Assistant to the VP of Academics at BMCC who plays a major role in the planning, coordination, and supervision of Science Camp stated, “What is great about Science Camp, especially the activity facilitated by the biology department, is the youth are able to participate in hands on activities. It is a whole different experience for the kids when they can get really their hands dirty. I would absolutely recommend that activities like Science Camp are happening at other Clubs.”

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