Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale Goes the Distance

During National Boys & Girls Club Week, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale’s Support Services travelled over 200 miles to visit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Peach Springs, a branch of the organization. Though the Unit Director, Amelia Walema, was aware they were making this trip, most of the staff and all of the youth were completely surprised by the visit. Peach Springs is Greater Scottsdale’s most rural Club, with the closest town being 50 miles away. Because of this distance, youth and staff from Peach Springs do not get the opportunity to interact much with support services, making the surprise visit that much sweeter.

Sixteen staff members journeyed to the Club to enjoy lunch and activities with the youth and fellow staff members. They participated in every kind of activity, from board games to arts and crafts to dance. They even played rounds of jumbo cup stacking, where Club youth challenged staff members. The staff turned it into an amazing day for the youth and they finally got to meet the team that makes their Club experience possible.

Along with the interaction and positive impact they left on the youth, the visitors presented Kyla Silas with the Dream Award and officially announced Amelia Warner as the new Executive Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of Peach Springs. Congratulations to Kyla and Amelia for their accomplishments! We would also like to thank Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale’s Support Services for taking the time to create the optimal Club experience for their youth!