Carter County Youth Take Tornados into Their Own Hands

The Boys & Girls Club of Carter County runs a program that introduces a science lesson to the youth once a week. One of the recent lessons was on tornados and the science behind them. Located in Oklahoma, these youth are well acquainted with tornados and the protocols that come with them. In fact, the Club is only one hour from Moore, Oklahoma where a tornado touched down in 2013, leaving heavy destruction in the town. Therefore, the facts the youth learned about these storms could be very practical, since they are faced with the threat of them regularly.

Along with the lesson and presenting the youth with information about the weather patterns that are necessary for a tornado to form, the program used games and activities to engage the youth. This lesson was accompanied by a game of jeopardy with the periodic table, because it taught the youth the “elements” that cause tornados. The youth were split into groups and chose categories to answer, and discussed each question as a team.

Finally, the youth were given materials to replicate a tornado in their own hands! Youth were provided with a plastic water bottle, water, and baking soda and were told to swirl that bottle in a circle in order to create a funnel within their bottles. All of the youth enjoyed the activity and got to bring their projects home with them to show their family members.

This program is taught to over 30 youth between the ages of 5-12, and according to Unit Director Sandra Brundage, keeps their attention the whole time with interactive lessons, games, and activities. Brundage says the youth get more and more excited each week when the program introduces a new science lesson. She is amazed at the way something as simple as a fun science lesson is able to engage all 30 youth at the same time.