Samsung Climate SuperStars: Seminole Club Earns $25,000 Award

Boys & Girls Club of the Seminole Tribe of Florida won Climate Superstars, the online environmental challenge, presented by Samsung and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America through Torch Club. This was a seven-week challenge where chartered Torch Clubs could earn points while completing various environmental tasks, such as planting a tree, visiting a power plant, learning about water management, upcycling, and more. The challenge ran from September 19 until November 6. There were three rounds of prizes awarding Samsung products to top point earners. The grand prize went to the Hollywood Rez Torch Club of Boys & Girls Club of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The reward for being the grand prize winner was a $25,000 technology makeover presented by Samsung and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The Climate SuperStars challenge is now in its second year and hopes to continue inspiring youth to be good stewards of the environment and graduate STEM ready.

Hollywood Rez Torch Club was able to earn their grand prize by showcasing their understanding of reusing material for different reasons. These youth created a rocket made from a pasta box to use as a learning tool, and also made a fun snow globe created by sealing an old glass jar filled with water and glitter. Along with their innovative ideas, they were able to visit a public works facility. This gave them the chance to learn about utility installation and maintenance, as well as meet those who have STEM careers. These are the efforts that were awarded several ENERGY STAR certified products, including two 55 inch Ultra High Definition LED Smart TVs, three Virtual Reality devices, thirty Galaxy tablets, one Gear 360 Camera, and thirty notebook computers.

The Climate SuperStar challenge not only inspired the youth while they were at the Club, but also carried over into their homes. Zion Edwards, Boys & Girls Club of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, said his favorite part of the challenge was going to the water plant to see where all of his water comes from! The youth and the staff at the Club are excited about how their hard work paid off and how this new technology will spark an even greater interest in STEM. Hollywood Rez Torch Club, Boys & Girls Club of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, along with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, would like to say thank you to Samsung for hosting the challenge and rewarding the children for their efforts towards sustaining the environment.

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