First Nation Boys & Girls Club Receives a Club Makeover

On January 17, 2017, First Nation Boys & Girls Club received a Club Makeover courtesy of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Native Services Unit. Before the Clubhouse was redone, it had been about 10 years since the space had seen any major updates. Now the Club has a fresh new look complete with a new paint job, tables, chairs, billiards equipment, 5 new tablets, wall graphics, and even a jukebox!

This honor was presented to Rose Lowry-Townsend, CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina because of her continued success in increasing the amount of Native youth her Clubs are serving.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina has recently opened up several new Clubs allowing for additional services provided to Native youth within areas that were not yet being reached by existing Clubs. When given this opportunity, Rose saw the immediate need at her First Nation Boys & Girls Club. Unit Director Tangelina Jarry and First Nation Boys & Girls Club were set to use these donations to give their space a complete makeover.

The remodel could not have been made possible without an all-around team effort from both Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina! Not only did Boys & Girls Clubs of America donate the materials needed to make this possible, but Carla Knapp, National Director, Native Services, BGCA and members of her team traveled to First Nation Boys & Girls Club to personally assist with the cleaning, painting, and assembling of some of the new supplies for the Club. The Tribal Council of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina was also crucial in supporting this project. Ms. Barbara Lowery, Tribal Council Member and Elder personally lent a hand and showed her support throughout the Club Makeover. Rose and Tangelina were both overwhelmingly satisfied with the support they had from Boys & Girls Clubs of America, their own Club staff members, and other volunteers from the Lumbee Tribe ensuring that everything was complete for the Club members’ arrival the next day.

Youth arrived the day after the makeover filled with nothing but joy and excitement upon seeing their newly renovated space. They walked in the room and their faces lit up as they checked out the new features of their Club. Many of the kids stated that they were most excited about the new jukebox and the way it looked in the Club’s freshly painted game room. When Club members were asked what their Club meant to them and what they would do if they did not have the opportunity to go there every day, some could not even fathom what they would do without it. With this Club Makeover, First Nation Boys & Girls Club now has a space whose physical appearance matches the worth of the work that takes place inside.

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