Outpour of Support for the Lumbee Tribe

The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina suffered tremendously when Hurricane Matthew destroyed homes and businesses throughout the tribal territory. The storm left the hub of the Lumbee population without electricity and running water for several days. Many families would have been left homeless if not for the ongoing efforts of all Lumbee Tribe Boys & Girls Clubs.

The Pembroke, First Nation and Southern Spirit Boys & Girls Clubs played major roles in serving the Lumbee community during this critical time. The Pembroke Boys & Girls Club served as the Lumbee Tribe Hurricane Response Headquarters and was the only Club, of the three, with electricity due to generators. During the day the Southern Spirit and First Nation Clubs handed out hot meals, nonperishable foods, toiletries, cleaning supplies and clothing to the community. The Tribe received an outpouring of generosity, love and support from individuals, families, business and Tribal nations, both locally and nationally. Rose Lowry-Townsend, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of the Lumbee Tribe in North Carolina, said supplies are still pouring in from Tennessee, Maryland, Atlanta, and individuals sending supplies from With the support of the American Red Cross, Campbell Soup, Maxton North Carolina, Pepperidge Farm, Downers Grove, Walmart, Prego, and individual volunteers the Pembroke Boys & Girls Club was able to feed 60,000 people in the community with hot meals two times a day.

Clean up recovery for the Lumbee Tribe community is ongoing. The flooding has receded in some parts of the community but many are still without electricity and water. The Lumbee Tribe is truly grateful for the care and compassion shown to their community during this tragic time.