Boys & Girls Club of York County Celebrates Youth of the Year Winner

The Catawba Teen Center, one of five units of Boys & Girls Club of York County in South Carolina, is celebrating its first Youth of the Year honoree, 11th grader Sarah Tucker! The Youth of the Year program honors exceptional Club members who personify the values and character of their Club. Sarah is proud to be the first South Carolina Native Club member to receive this top Boys & Girls Club honor.

In her application essay, Sarah wrote eloquently about how the Club has changed her life, particularly through the adult role models and mentors she spends time with there. Sarah described herself as shy and unmotivated prior to joining the Club. Since becoming a member, she has gained social skills and confidence, and improved her academic performance with the help of onsite tutors. Sarah’s favorite Club memory is traveling with her Club and Catawba Chief Bill Harris to meet President Obama. Spending time with Chief Harris (a long-time mentor at the Club) and participating in Club activities, such as kayaking, has allowed her to grow even closer to her culture and deepen her appreciation of her heritage. “Sarah is a wonderful example to the other youth at the Club and throughout the community,” says Chief Harris.

Sarah is an excellent example of how mentees can grow to become strong community members. In addition to volunteering at local food pantries, she is a role model to younger youth in her school orchestra. Sarah’s orchestra director, Jeremy Shaw, shares that she is “quick to help others when needed, and can often be found assisting them with homework or practice during lunch or after school in the orchestra room.” Congratulations to Sarah and the Boys & Girls Club of York County- Catawba Youth Center for this well-deserved honor!