Expanding the Club’s Reach through a Boarding School Partnership

My name is Jameson Goetz, and I currently serve as an AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club of Moody County in Flandreau, SD. Through my role as an AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer, I have the opportunity to do some incredibly fun and rewarding work. Most recently, I have been very excited about the progress we have been making with our relationship with the Flandreau Indian Boarding School (FIS). The Boys & Girls Club of Moody County just recently formed a partnership with FIS through which all of the more than 300 FIS students officially joined the Club. Since the fall we have been doing programming and activities with the FIS students a couple hours twice a week. We are looking to further develop our programming with FIS, with the eventual goal of offering meaningful, impactful programs five or six days a week. Also, we are currently planning on taking a group of FIS students on a campus visit to South Dakota State University (we've already made plans for a similar visit with Flandreau Public School students). I have also scheduled admissions representatives from four different community colleges and technical students to come to FIS during the evenings and discuss potential post-secondary education opportunities. I definitely feel that we are creating meaningful relationships with the staff and students at FIS. I know that if we continue working hard that we will eventually see something really special happen through our Club's partnership with the school.