Three Native Clubs Receive BGCA Award for Impressive Club Attendance

This year at the Southwest Leadership Conference, three Native Clubs were honored with the Gateway to Impact Silver Award. This award is given to Clubs that have made important strides to increase their average daily attendance (ADA) and capacity utilization.

Boys & Girls Club of Durant, Boys & Girls Club of Nowata, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware County all received this award this year for their work in these categories. The Boy s & Girls Club of Durant reached an ADA of 150 members, and their total membership by the end of August was 464 youth, nearly reaching their goal of 480. Maintaining such high membership allows these three Clubs to reach even more youth with their cornerstone programs, such as the OJP Federal Mentoring Grant.

The Boys & Girls Club of Nowata accepted their award at the Southwest Leadership Conference from BGCA President Jim Clark. Director of Organizational Development for the Boys & Girls Club of America Native Services Carla Knapp recognized all three Clubs during the Oklahoma Area Council State Alliance Meeting to showcase their great work.

Photo – The Boys & Girls Club of Nowata proudly accepts their Gateway to Impact Award at the Southwest Leadership Conference.