Club Alumni, Natasha Mathison: Remembering Her Roots

Natasha Mathison, an alumnus of the Boys & Girls Club of Lac Courte Oreilles, is a perfect example of what it means to be a leader. She is a Retail Marketing and Management major at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, and hopes to work at the headquarters of a major retail company someday. In addition to her studies, Natasha was elected president of the Native American Student Organization (NASO) at the university. During her time serving on the NASO, she has helped to plan many events, including a canoe trip, a cultural arts and crafts workshop, a powwow demonstration, and an event at which Native American author, Winona LaDuke, was a guest speaker.

Natasha attributes much of her success to her experience at the Club, stating, “[The Club] definitely helped me to stay out of trouble and gave me a positive outlook on life. It helped me figure out where I wanted to go in life. If it wasn’t for the Club, I…would’ve started hanging out with the wrong group of people. I may have moved in a completely different direction.” Her fondest memories at the Club stem from her time in Images, a leadership development program for teenage girls. As a member of Images, Natasha had the opportunity to New Jersey, South Carolina, and New York City.

Natasha also found a mentor in the Club’s Chief Professional Officer, Karen Harden. Of her relationship with Karen, Natasha recalls, “we would always go over things, like how to keep your mind quiet and your body calm. She taught me how to deal with certain bad situations in a healthy way.” Natasha spoke highly of all Club staff, noting the supportive relationships they develop with Club members. In Natasha’s final advice to Club members she says, “Stay positive and continue in your education. Don’t stop just because you live on the reservation.”

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