Ocean Explorer Speaks to Tulalip Boys & Girls Club

In April, the Tulalip Boys & Girls Club welcomed a visitor they had read about but never met: Dr. Robert Ballard, the famous ocean explorer known for discovering the RMS Titanic. More than 240 attendees welcomed Dr. Ballard, and Tulalip tribal members presented him with a Pendleton blanket and cedar mask. Dr. Ballard spoke about his experiences in ocean exploration and his work in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Dr. Ballard has inspired many youth to pursue futures in STEM with his organization, JASON Learning, which implements STEM curricula in classrooms, afterschool settings, and summer programs. The Tulalip Club is one of two Clubs in the country that has a JASON Learning Exploration Command Center (ECC), a system of computers and TV monitors that connect members to ocean science researchers on board exploration vessels. Dr. Ballard toured the ECC and listened as Club members shared what they had learned. 

The Tulalip Boys & Girls Club also runs the Immersion Mentoring program through JASON Learning. A fun and hands-on program, Immersion Mentoring connects mentees with mentors through joint participation in real-world STEM activities and interactive technologies. 

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