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Cultural Program Toolbox

Are you looking to establish more culturally relevant programming at your Club? Do you feel like there aren’t enough opportunities for your youth to engage in activities such as cooking traditional foods or playing traditional games? Look no further than the Cultural Program Toolbox! The Toolbox was developed by the BGCA's Native Services Unit (NSU). The NSU recognizes the need for culturally relevant services to provide for Native youth, and the Cultural Program Toolbox is one way they are fulfilling that need. The Toolbox can now be found on our Publications page.

The Toolbox is designed to give Native Clubs some examples and ideas of what they can do to run culturally-specific programs at their Club. It also includes sample documents such as a sample MOA, a sample Native Arts Grant template, and a sample job description for a Cultural Arts Coordinator. (Note: The links above to these Word documents can be edited directly by Clubs who plan to use them). 

Special thanks to the Native Advisory Committee (NAC) members for their contributions towards this amazing resource! The hope is that their vision of expanded cultural programming in Native Clubs will come to fruition with the development and use of this resource.

Click here to view the Cultural Program Toolbox!