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Beating the Back to School Blues

Fun Activities to Start After School Programs

The end of summer can bring mixed emotions to children and adults alike. It is a time of transition from days of play to days that are scheduled around school, homework, and extracurricular activities. While the school year can be a welcoming relief to some, it can cause stress for others. Back to school doesn’t have to be plagued with the blues! Here are fun ways to get Club kids back into the swing of programming and introduce new faces that may be showing up at the Club.

There’s no sugar coating it, summer is over. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t sweeten up going back to school! Grab a bag of Skittles or M&M’s for some fun at the first few days of after school programs at the Club. Give each participant 5 pieces of candy. Each color will represent a fun fact that the youth can share. You decide the fun fact! Here are some examples: a red candy means that the participant will share something fun they did over summer, an orange candy means that the participant will share their favorite music artist, a blue or purple candy means that the participants will share something the group doesn’t know about them like a hobby they have picked up or a special talent. The options are endless!

Even though summer is over, that doesn’t mean we need to put away our sunglasses just yet because the future is bright at the Boys & Girls Club. So what better way to get Club kids excited about what’s to come than making their own sunglasses that show just how bright the future will be? Google a template for sunglasses and, with the proper copyright permissions, make copies of sunglasses for each Club kid participating. In the lens of the sunglasses, have the youth draw what they see in their future that is positive! With the Club member’s permission, make sure to hang up the finished product to showcase their talent.

Maybe you want to put the kids and caretakers at ease with the new school year starting. Host a “Back to School” event. Show a movie, have traditional foods and music, play games, and have fun! This is a way for caretakers who are interested to get to know staff and the type of programs offered at the Boys & Girls Club while kids get to see how much fun hanging out at the Club can be.

As always, share your back to school activities on social media using #NativeClubs!

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