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New Routines, New Perspectives

Spring has sprung which means that many programs are continuing on while the preparation for summer programming begins. We have shared a few posts recently that are meant to get the creative juices flowing in relation to implementing new activities. Well, today we are here to say that you absolutely, do not need to incorporate all new things at once!

Why are you a youth development professional with your local Club?

One word- the youth! Technically that was two words but you know what we mean. Improving opportunities for youth brings us into the Club every day, even when our names are not on the schedule. So, let the youth be your co-navigator as new activities, programs, and clubs are being integrated into the daily grind.

Engaging youth in changes, even slight changes to activities, can lead to greater connections with what is happening when the Club house is open. It is empowering for the youth to feel ownership of their programs and it leaves the guessing work out when you are making new schedules that introduce new activities. New perspectives on new routines can result in greater participation and less stress!

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