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Summer of Service

What better way to get your Club youth out into the community (and the outdoors) than through summer service projects? Youth Services America (YSA) has created a special edition of their Youth Service Briefing focused on ideas for engaging youth in summer service projects. Their suggestions for a successful service experience are based on these simple steps:

  1. Start with things your kids love to do. Show them that their passion and strength can be channeled into service that is both fun for them and beneficial for others.

  2. Consider issues your kids care about. What problems matter most to them? Identifying those issues and building service projects around them will help the service feel especially meaningful.

  3. Combine passions and issues for impact. Consider projects that provide an opportunity for your youths’ strengths to shine through while they work to address an issue that they care about.

  4. Encourage, support and help your kids learn. Think about how your youth could serve as leaders in the project and learn something new from the experience.

To get your youth engaged in summer service projects, check out more of YSA’s ideas and additional recommendations from the National PTA’s Our Children blog. By directing their passion, skills, and leadership towards service this summer, your Club youth can make a huge difference!