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Summer Brain Gain

While summer may still seem far away, we know that as the next few months fly by, Club youth will be looking forward to their days out of school and more time at the Club! In the long summer months, it is important to balance their need play and fun with the unique opportunity that Clubs have to combat “summer slide”, or the loss of academic knowledge over the summer that puts kids at a disadvantage once they are back in school in the fall. “Summer slide” can be a devastating set-back, and one of many factors that can slow a student’s successful completion of K-12 education and advancement into higher learning.

Luckily BGCA has developed a curriculum that strikes the perfect balance of fun and learning: Summer Brain Gain! This fun, interactive learning program was designed for Early (K-3rd) and Upper (4th-5th grade) Elementary students, and includes materials tailored to your members’ needs and interests. Brain Gain was created to reduce summer learning loss in a way that is engaging and empowering for young people, and it was modeled after the most effective types of youth-development and out-of-school-time programs.

You can learn more about the program, register to participate, and hand-pick the program activities that you would like to run at your Club this summer on BGCA.net. Planning now for an enriching summer can give your Club a strong start to their next school year and keep them on the path to success!