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Humor Me: Using Entertainment to Fight Poverty

Red noses aren’t just for clowns and birthday parties. While they still symbolize fun and entertainment, they are taking on bigger meaning worldwide this May with the Red Nose campaign lead by an organization known as Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day is a key component to a revolutionary campaign that was started by Comic Relief UK. Before the launch of Comic Relief UK in late 1985, there had not been a social movement that involved such high-profile celebrities and humor to bring awareness to the poverty that communities were experiencing.

Now fast forward to 2015. Red Nose Day and the campaign surrounding the event is taking the United States by storm. Companies such as Walgreen and M&Ms are partnering up to make big contributions to young people who are living in poverty.

There’s more exciting news. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is one of a dozen charities selected as a partner in this campaign. On May 21, 2015, also known as Red Nose Day, there will be a three hour show on NBC. Comedians, musicians, and other celebrities will sing, dance, and tell jokes, whatever it takes to raise money for the cause. A portion of the money raised will be given to BGCA to use for academic programs that encourage academic success for youth.

Join in Red Nose Day to show your support for the efforts being made to help children and young people! Read more about the Red Nose campaign and how your organization can get involved.

Don’t forget- Take a picture with your red nose and share it using #NativeClubs!