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The Fuel That Helps Us Rise

The music video WE SHALL REMAIN, directed and produced by the Los Angeles-based the StyleHorse Collective, is a poignant portrayal of Natives working together to rise about the effects of historical trauma their communities have suffered for years. The video tells the story of a young Native girl wanting to understand why her community and family have struggled. Her uncle explains her people’s history but reminds her that her cultural traditions can be used to rise above and succeed.

This is perhaps best stated when the uncle tells his niece:

“Untended wounds are at the core of much of the self-inflicted pain experienced in Native America. Much like fire, this pain can either be devastatingly destructive or wisely harnessed to become fuel that helps us to rise up and move forward in life with joy, purpose and dignity.”

Filmed on the Coeur d’Alene Reservation in Idaho, the StyleHorse Collective used students attending the 2014 Northwest UNITY Youth Conference for the video. WE SHALL REMAIN delivers its message powerfully with music written and produced by The StyleHorse Collective; vocals provided by The Wakan Sisters (Billie Kennedy, Dani Kennedy and Katt Jefferson) and CeCe Curtis-Cook; and its story delivered in rhyming prose.

Watch the 6:15 minute film on YouTube and share it within your Club and community. We recommend using this film as a means to discussing historical trauma with Club staff and teens.

For more information around the topic of trauma, consider reviewing this Trauma-Informed Care Fact Sheet from the National Indian Child Welfare Association, or this resource on historical trauma definitions and tools from the Cass County, Minnesota Probation Department.

Follow the StyleHorse Collective on Twitter (@thestylehorse) or on Facebook to see their latest productions.

Photo Caption: Stunning film still from the music video WE SHALL REMAIN
Photo Credit: The StyleHorse Collective