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Exposing Club Youth to Cultural Rich Programming

Wondering how you can revamp your Club with program material that’s relevant to Native youth? With cultural rich programming, the Boys & Girls Club of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation has been educating their Club members about their Native heritage for 18 years. This Club, located in Mayetta, KS, added a Singers and Dancers program in the hopes of exposing their youth to more cultural characteristics and tribal traditions. Since then, the program has gained much attention and the dance group has been asked to perform at local schools and various community events.

Nathan Hale, Executive Director, was proud to share that this program will be performing at the Nelson Atkins Museum as part of the grand opening of its newest Native American Exhibit on September 21, 2014. Seven mentees and 50 Club members will dance at this event and, of those 50, five youth are even more excited to be dancing at their first performance! The dance group was also recently invited to Haskell Indian Nations University to perform during the inauguration ceremony of the University’s new president.

Based on a foundation of Native heritage, this program and other culture-based programs are great outlets for Native youth to explore their historical background. “A lot of kids didn’t grow up on a reservation so we are trying to get back to their tribal roots,” Hale said. This program is meant to excite the youth about their cultural roots and it does just that.

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