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Volunteer as a Family This Summer

If your Club is looking for meaningful ways to engage with families this summer, consider providing some organized community service opportunities at your Club or the surrounding community. Working on a community service project is an exciting way for Club members and families to spend valuable time together. There are so many opportunities available to help in your community and make a difference! For example, you and your Club families can pick up trash at a park/playground, donate books to the local school library, assist neighbors with chores around their home, or visit a local senior center. Visit to read about more volunteering ideas and special service events across the country. Teaching the value of service can help to raise healthy and confident youth. Enjoy a summer of making an impact!


Taking the Positive Road to Youth Development

Taking the Positive Road to Youth Development

In our Clubs, we work diligently to build confidence in our youth so that they are able to recognize the potential within themselves and overcome adversities. We want them to be strong, competent, individuals who are well-equipped to cope with challenges.

As we dive into summer programming, we can reflect on how we are approaching our Club kids and the programs we plan to implement. Are we focused on the negatives or positives as we plan our fun, filled summer? Have plans started with “our group doesn’t have the skill/ time/ focus to do this activity, so we will have to do a different program” or “our Club kids are really great at creative thinking, so we will do a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) program to incorporate creative problem-solving, math, and science”?

The difference between these two questions is that the first focuses on the challenges and limitations, while the second is a strengths-based inquiry. This is an important distinction of perspective as we kick off a month of exploring a strength-based approach and promoting resiliency.

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