New Year, Better Choices

New Year’s Resolutions are something most people try to make in an effort to make a positive change in their life. Whether it is health related, habit related, or introducing a new activity they haven’t tried before, many use it as their motivation to start making changes for the better.

However, January 17th is Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day, and in the spirit of that we encourage you all and your Club members to ditch the idea of a New Year’s Resolution and make a commitment to positive change all year ‘round! Keep reading for some ideas you can use to ensure positive change is always happening!

  • Encouraging your Club members, especially your Keystone and Torch Clubs, to commit to a monthly service project (and not just on the MLK Day of Service) is a great way to keep them engaged and be agents of positive change in their community all throughout the year. If possible, have them reach out through a community forum so that they have no shortage of ideas and will know exactly what the community needs/wants.

  • Keep your Club members involved in healthy initiatives all throughout the year to help ensure their long-term health! Make a commitment to only serve healthy snacks/meals at your Club, run a daily physical challenge that is quick, but can involve as many Club members as possible, or even start your own gardening program to grow your own healthy foods! Reach out to a local hardware store and see if they would be willing to donate time or supplies to build raised bed garden boxes for your Club!

  • Poll your Club members to see what sorts of changes they would like to see at the Club. Competence, Usefulness, Belonging, and Power & Influence are all core competency areas that Clubs are constantly trying to instill, and simply asking your Club members what they would like to see at the Club is the best way to ensure that those areas are being developed, and that positive change is always happening no matter what time of year it is.

Take these few ideas and see if you can create sustainable, positive change. While the idea of making a New Year’s Resolution is great, it is even better to want to make changes with no reason other than to be a better citizen.