Native Clubs Featured in BGCA's Connections Magazine

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Boys & Girls Clubs in America (BGCA) serving Native youth! As a result, Native Clubs have been featured in BGCA’s fall 2017 edition of Connections Magazine!

In 1992, BGCA and HUD collaborated to provide quality youth services to public housing operated on Native lands, which led to the creation of the first Native Boys & Girls Club. Since 1992, the efforts of Native Clubs have only grown, with Connections highlighting the history of Native Clubs and our accomplishments achieved.

One major accomplishment was the creation of BGCA's Native Services Unit, to meet the growing needs of youth on Native lands. Native Services has assisted Native Clubs with fostering relationships with Tribal leaders, providing professional development for Native Clubs, and assisting with development of cultural learning opportunities. Another great accomplishment was Native Services signing a memorandum of agreement with the Indian Health Service back in May to address the needs of mental health wellness by allowing mental health providers to conduct informal visits to Native Clubs. This enabled youth to interact with mental health professionals in a casual manner and receive resources that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

The hard work and determination to serve youth from Club professionals like you is the driving force to the success of Native Clubs. The accomplishments we have achieved in 25 years will further advance the lives of Native youth, and we look forward to continue serving with you for our next 25 years and beyond!