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From Mindset Monday to Feel Good Friday

February is a time of pink flowers, candy hearts, paper Valentine’s, and love! However, it is also a time when the “winter blues” can still set heavy in the heart. Spread cheer, and all around “good vibes,” throughout your Club to let staff and Club members know that they are loved. You don’t need extra funding or staff. A white board or community cork board with extra space will do.

Each day of the week pick a theme, post it on the white board/cork board of choice, and have those coming in and out of the Club respond to the theme of the day. The theme could be silly. It might be a chance to practice reflection. It might also be an opportunity to shower a friend in kind words. Here are a few examples of themes that have been used in a classroom setting with success!

Mindset Monday

Set the tone of the week by posting an encouraging quote. Another option is to pose a question that will get the Club kids thinking about how to change a negative thought to a positive. An example? “What can we do instead of saying ‘I can’t’ when faced with a challenge?” The Club kids can then write their answer on a Post It note and stick it to the board.

Tell Us Something Tuesday/Thursday

The possibilities are truly endless with this theme. Have the staff and Club kids tell something that they have accomplished this week, a goal they have, or what makes them the happiest. Use your imagination or stem from recent events that have occurred in your community.

Thumbs Up Thursday

Have members give ‘thumbs up’ to others in the Club. They can post good deeds, random acts of kindness, or achievements that they have seen their peers accomplish throughout the week or even month.

Feel Good Friday

Club members can have a chance to write one thing that makes them feel good about themselves. If you want to build peer-to-peer connections, create a statement that has members share what a friend can do or has done to make them feel better.

A positive mindset can make a difference in the daily grind. Try integrating this easy activity into your Club to see what great things are happening each day.

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