Navigating BGCA’s Updated Frequently Cited Statistics

When seeking support from local/national stakeholders and the federal government, it is critical to have the most up to date research and facts that demonstrate your organization’s efforts benefit youth in measurable ways. This past January, Boys & Girls Clubs of America released an updated, streamlined Frequently Cited Statistics (FCS), as well as a guide for finding similar state and local statistics that can be used when making a case for your organization. For information on how your Club can effectively use FCS, continue reading below!

What is FCS?

FCS is a resource designed to help your organization communicate the need for Boys & Girls Clubs locally and nationally. These statistics have each been thoroughly researched and updated from reliable resources that include the U.S. Census, MetroTrends,, U.S. Department of Education (ED) Data Express, among others. Information from these sources have also been used in BGCA promotional collateral publications, funding proposals and other communication materials, so your organization can rest assured that everything is up to date and reliable.

How Can You Use FCS?

Your organization can use FCS to include in any of your communications that express the need for Boys & Girls Clubs programming, such as grant proposals, social media communications, program reporting, etc. The statistics are organized into four sections in accordance with BGCA’s three priority outcome areas and other Movement priorities. They are also color-coded for easy navigation, as follows:

  • Academic Success
  • Good Character and Citizenship
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Child and Youth Well-Being and Safety

When communicating with stakeholders and potential donors from your local area, BGCA has also provided a guide, “Using National Sources to Find State or Local Statistics” that explains six easy-to-use online national data sources where you can gather data from. This information can also be found in the FCS document.

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