Explore tribal cultures with the National Museum of American Indians

If you are looking for a new resource to use with your Club members, check out the National Museum of American Indians (NMAI). It is the home to a number of great sources that includes a Seminar and Symposia Program, an annotated Index of Resources, classroom lessons that can be used in your Club, and much more.

Now where to start? If the investigation, discussion, and understanding of Native communities intrigue you, the Seminars and Symposia Program and Archive is the spot for you. Through the Seminars and Symposia Program, the museum promotes meaningful study, discussion, and civic engagement, providing a national forum for historical and contemporary topics of concern and interest to Native peoples and the general public. The program will develop and host public forums, ranging from intimate roundtable discussions to seminars that are webcast around the world. What an opportunity!

But maybe you are looking for one spot that has online exhibitions that bring art to you, posters, video, and other media sources to share with the kids in your program instead. The museum's growing annotated Index of Resources includes all of the above. It is even sorted by geographic region. Find teaching materials listed by region or tribe and by theme under Classroom Lessons.

You can grow your knowledge through the interactive Infinity of Nations Cultural Quest or explore the museum’s Native collections online. No matter what you choose, the options are plentiful and your Club kids will love learning about their culture, as well as others, while having fun!

Don’t forget to check out our Program Resource page for more resources that can be used in your Club.