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Using data to build your house

Tell us if you’ve felt like this before.

Things are going great at your Club. Attendance records are steady. You have regular volunteers. And the community has taken notice of the positive impact you’re making. Staff members are observing positive changes among your Club members—youth who used to get in trouble at school are now role models for younger members, grades are going up Club-wide, attitudes are improving.

Yup, things are great. You have all the stories you need to talk about the impact you’re making.

Then it comes time to write a grant application. Or an influential community partner wants to make a large donation to your Club. Or BGCA wants to highlight your successes for a newsletter.

What do they ask for? Data.

It’s in the numbers

Demonstrating your Club’s success comes in two parts: the anecdotes you share and, of course, the data. Those numbers are the evidence of the impact your Club is making. They support the compelling narrative you have to tell.

Think about your Club building. There is the mural in the hallway painted by Club members or the beloved reading corner in the games room or the basketball hoop— the details that make your Club special. And these details are the stories you tell about how your Club adapted Passport to Manhood to teach a group of boys responsibility through traditional activities like archery and drum groups or how you opened a teen center with the goal for Club teens to graduate high school with a plan.

These stories bring your data to life and make your numbers actual people.

But beneath the character is the Club building’s frame—a foundation, walls, and a roof. This structure is the hard numbers. It is your Club’s Average Daily Attendance, the number of kids who achieve grade progression, or the number of hours Club members spent on community service projects. Data is what keeps your story together.

Data keeps your building from falling over because it’s the proof that your Club is just as wonderful as you know it is.

And at a higher, national level, that data is critical to BGCA—and us here at BGCIC—to share the story of our collective impact.

Supporting the structure

Sometimes it is easier to gather stories than it is data. We get that. And so does BGCA.

That’s why BGCA has partnered with several experienced vendors to work with its local Clubs to implement tracking systems that collect this kind of data. Plus, they are easy to use.

What kind of data? It’s all related to the National Youth Outcomes Initiative, which measures against the Formula for Impact.

These partner vendors provide quality, electronic membership, attendance, and outcome tracking software along with tools and trainings to help Clubs connect to the National Outcomes Database. We’ve included the list of partner vendors below.

Click on the links to learn more about what kind of services these vendors can offer to help build your story’s foundation. It can be tricky to understand all of this information. So if you have any questions, you know what to do. Send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we’ll help you out!


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