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Summer Brain Gain to Fight Summer Learning Loss

Groups of flowers bloom in clusters of bright colors that resemble the rainbow. A distinct buzz floats in the air and it is not just bees traveling around to the newfound foliage. It is excitement from kids in the community counting down the days until the last bell rings to signify the end of another school year. Kids will finally be able to spend their days in the Club, something that they have been looking forward to for a whole year now. Which means one thing, summer has officially arrived.

Somewhere between the fresh flowers and the warmer days, it can be easy to forget about what can be gained while kids are out of school. Every summer nearly 43 million kids do not have access to activities that help maintain and enhance what is learned throughout the school year. This is a common reason for a concept known as summer learning loss or the loss of knowledge during summer months. Whether you know it as the “summer slide” or summer learning loss, it is an opportunity for Clubs to make the time spent out of school fun as well as meaningful so that you can continue to make gains during the summer!

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